The FEDD Group

Tackling the pain points of our industry and helping to solve the skilled trades/technician gap via digital content. We will provide solutions, education & know-how in order to navigate the media platforms that have the most attention.

Bringing awareness to the overall industry with entertaining yet informative content targeted to young, aspiring men and women who enjoy working hard and looking for amazing career opportunities.

The FEDD Group will host bi-annual conferences and Mastermind events throughout the year to build community over competition and help its members build their personal and company brands for success in a 2020 world.

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FEDD Con 2022 AZ Logo White copy

FEDDCon is a one-of-a kind digital marketing conference that attracts attendees from all food equipment industry channels

A Recap of the FEDD Conference
2020 Miami Florida

Some scenes from the inaugural FEDD conference featuring Carlos Gil, Rich Malachy, Ed Stulak, Jenn Davis, Gian Carlo Alonso and Many More!