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Based in the NY Metro Area, The FEDD Group was formed by Rich Malachy in 2018 after countless professional conversations discussing the same question, “how do we bring awareness to the food equipment industry so we can close the skilled trades gap?” The answer to that question lies in this growing community determined to jump into the digital era of business.

The FEDD Group brings our industry together to share best practices, and provides resources & know-how to assist your business and brand’s growth. With a strong emphasis on #communityovercompetition The FEDD Group hosts mastermind events and bi-annual conferences to sharpen the cutting-edge of your digital presence. By bringing awareness to the industry with entertaining yet informative content collectively, we are building the future together and closing the skilled trades gap.

The Team

Rich Malachy

Rich Malachy is the Original FEDD Disruptor and CEO of Malachy Parts and Service. His persistent drive to increase social media awareness in the food equipment industry motivates every stride in helping professionals build their digital brands.

As the conductor of the connection engine, Rich is paving the way for the food equipment industry.

Lisa Zalenski

Lisa Z loves putting her creative muscle to work daily as FEDD’s Director of Media where there’s never a dull moment. The thrill of navigating once uncharted waters allows Lisa to use her digital marketing expertise to put the food equipment industry on the map.

Her fearless and can-do attitude fuels the connection engine as it moves forward.