Author: Lisa Zalenski

Creating a Brand and How That Translates Into Profit

All Things Media, Blog, Social Media Creating a Brand and Turning it into Profit Rich Malachy: The pandemic tried to slow us down and quiet us. Industry thought-leaders like Josh and I never stopped connecting, because we believe in the power of digital to grow our brands and ultimately, our business. I’m Rich Malachy, CEO, Malachy Parts and Service, founder, FEDD group, and an advocate...

From Passive to Active in a Digital World

All Things Media, Blog

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The unprecedented fallout of the pandemic continues to be felt and raises concerns for businesses in virtually every industry.  Adapting to new realities became the forefront of survival in the year that really pushed us into the digital world, whether we liked it or not.  Those that maintained an existing online presence had a significant advantage over new-comers trying to...