From Passive to Active

From Passive to Active in a Digital World

The unprecedented fallout of the pandemic continues to be felt and raises concerns for businesses in virtually every industry.  Adapting to new realities became the forefront of survival in the year that really pushed us into the digital world, whether we liked it or not.  Those that maintained an existing online presence had a significant advantage over new-comers trying to retool as consumers turned to the “life of the party” for respite or guidance in 2020.

Passive social media users are those of us that scroll, view and consume without any inclination to like, comment or engage with others.  It’s easy to fall victim to endless Instagram stories, Tik Tok rabbit holes and refreshing your Facebook feed. With so many conversations happening at once, being the wallflower seems “less complicated.”

The active user on the other hand is the one seeking conversation, interacting and posting their own content. The FEDD Group was created for this very reason, for our businesses and leaders to make more noise in our industry, because it’s no longer an option to stay quiet. The best part of all is that going from scrolling to engaging is simple, you just do it.

I can already feel the cringing on the other side of this blog post.

Building a presence on social media is about showing up, and I think you’ve seen enough inspirational posts about how that’s half the battle… but it’s true! Make yourself known, if you’re a member of the Food Equipment Digital Disruptors group on Facebook, engage with member posts to start! These are your peers and they’re starting conversations or asking questions you may already have a lot of experience and insight on.

You’re not going to become a social media guru overnight and it’s important to start small on the platform where you’re the most comfortable. The more you engage and participate, the more inspired you will become to navigate the digital world, ultimately creating your own brand and original content on multiple platforms. Stick with us, become an active user and we’ll continue to be your resource for all things digital in the food equipment industry. It’s time we put ourselves on the map!

Lisa Zalenski

Lisa Z loves putting her creative muscle to work daily as FEDD’s Director of Media where there’s never a dull moment. The thrill of navigating once uncharted waters allows Lisa to use her digital marketing expertise to put the food equipment industry on the map. Her fearless and can-do attitude fuels the connection engine as it moves forward.