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Underpromise Then Overdeliver

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We all are aware that our words spoken mean volumes and in business can be the difference between solidifying a customer relationship or losing one. As a former facilities manager for over 3 decades, I depended on my vendor partners to keep me informed of what was happening and when it was happening. If my vendor partner promised dates and...

Why Every Company Should Have a Marketing Department

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Marketing is fun! That may be an extremely oversimplified explanation of why every company should have a marketing department, but, at the end of the day, marketing is fun because it generates results and is a starting place for stronger relationships. Here are just a few of the benefits marketing through social media has provided us: Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers...

From Passive to Active in a Digital World

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The unprecedented fallout of the pandemic continues to be felt and raises concerns for businesses in virtually every industry.  Adapting to new realities became the forefront of survival in the year that really pushed us into the digital world, whether we liked it or not.  Those that maintained an existing online presence had a significant advantage over new-comers trying to...

The FM (Facilities Manager) Cycle


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2021 is a new year, do you need a Facilities Manager even part time?  The Facilities Management professional is a skilled trade that bridges the gaps in fleet management. We are going to shed some light on what FMs do for businesses. Once a machine is turned on it will need maintenance, it will need some wearable part changed at...