Facility Management

The FM (Facilities Manager) Cycle

2021 is a new year, do you need a Facilities Manager even part time?  The Facilities Management professional is a skilled trade that bridges the gaps in fleet management. We are going to shed some light on what FMs do for businesses.

Once a machine is turned on it will need maintenance, it will need some wearable part changed at some interval in the future if it is operating. Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Retailers, all face this same problem. Large companies have several FMs, but small companies can benefit from them as well but often do not have resources for that extra person. There is a point in every business where the manager/owner of that business can no longer keep up maintenance demands, even in a single facility it is often overlooked as focus on incoming funds/sales/customers is what really keeps the doors open.

A good FM can use a commonsense approach to fleet management of PM, Break Fix protocol, and vendor management to drive basic savings results. A great FM can then start to apply data science to the layers of information found on this. When you start looking at repairs from a statistical standpoint layered on top of a commonsense approach, then you can build programs that pay for themselves.

The Key for 2021 is going to be finding those programs and figuring out your scale. Do you have one oven or one thousand, now we can start to unpack the mystery and really get inside the FM skill. The data science focus on Facilities Management is the path to future success. FM’s are gathering data that can help the customer correct a problem they did not know they had, help service companies keep relevant truck stock for more efficient service runs, and OEMs correct issues and build better machines. Those are three basic wins with savings attached to it alone.

I have always approached a problem as needing an answer, never as who is to blame. We are doing this with the passion of moving forward not pointing fingers. We are doing this in 2021, we are focused on being better customers, being better service agents, and being better OEMs. What about a better FM?  Well, that comes with the job if I do not save you money then I cost you money. None of the other three mention that, A restaurant will always cost money, a service agent will always cost money, buying machines will always cost money. I look for ways for the customer to spend less on service, the service agents to spend less on time, and the OEM to spend less on warranty. If I cost you money or time, it comes back to cost me money or time later. Maintenance is and always has been a cycle not a straight line. Stay tuned if you are ready to get this cycle moving forward in 2021.

Taz Sutherland

A jack of all trades, Taz is one of the coolest Facility Management professionals this side of the hemisphere. Currently managing additive manufacturing and special analytics for an FM Trade Team, his “get it done” mentality and knowledge base across several skill trades drives his love for helping others in the food equipment industry.