The Power Of Networking Through Digital Platforms

In the day and age we live in, over 70% of our population are on some sort of digital platform. Utilizing these platforms for networking can play a major contribution to your own personal growth, as well as potentially your organization’s growth.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Networking through Digital Platforms…..

Expanding Your Horizons

Digital Platforms allow you to expand the horizon of what your normal limitations are regarding networking. Imagine being able to network with someone in California if you’re located in New York.

Or even greater, being able to network with someone on the other side of the world! That is the power digital platforms can provide. 

You can connect with people from places you’ve never seen or heard of before!

Quick and Instant Communication and Responses

The days of snail mail are over! Digital platforms give you instant communication (pending time zones) with anyone! For personal branding growth, this is an awesome benefit to provide instant communication with a colleague or potential connection you would not have been able to communicate with before. 

From a business standpoint, instant communication allows you get direct and instant feedback on a product, conduct quick and efficient meetings, and more. 

Digital platforms give you instant communication and fast responses with colleagues, customers, and potential customers!

Expanding Opportunities   

If you put the first two benefits together, what does that equal? Expanding Opportunities for growth! 

You no longer limit your market or target market to just your state, region or even country. The power of social and digital platforms allows you to expand all over the world! 

Most platforms allow businesses to sell their products, either directly on the social media site or through a link to the company’s sales page.

A small business can blow up over night with the right marketing campaigns online, and have just as much of a reach in terms of customer potential as larger companies thanks to digital platforms. 


Brand Exposure

At the end of the day, with all of the benefits mentioned, and many other benefits out there, whether it is for a business or personal brand, one of the biggest positives of networking through social media is “Increased Brand Exposure”. 

Digital and social platforms have now given smaller businesses and personal brands the ability to reach the same size market as larger companies. 

Larger brand exposure allows you to get real time feedback on your product from your customers, potential customers, and colleagues. If done correctly, it can also make your company look and feel like experts. 

All these benefits are based around the power of social media and digital platforms. Organizations can also take advantage of specific features in these platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Digital newsletters, Live Video, and more! 

It is extremely important to understand your target market and where they are located on digital platforms. You do not need to be on EVERY platform, but where your customers and industry is predominately located is where you want to focus. 

At the end of the day, like the great Rich Malachy says, “Don’t Think, Just Do”. Posting on Social and Digital Platforms in any fashion is better then none! 

Take the time, do your research, and start posting, networking, and interacting! Watch the magic happen! 

Evan Priesel

Evan Priesel is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Univex Corporation. He works in all aspects of sales and marketing, leading their marketing department in both digital and traditional strategies as well as working with Reps, Dealers and consultants on growing univex sales and innovation. With an MBA in Digital Marketing, and many years of experience in the foodservice industry, he is leading Univex to be a leader and front runner in the digital space within the foodservice industry.

Being part of FEDD nation allows Evan to learn about the service side of the industry, and how all “sectors” can come together to benefit each other and their customers. This helping Univex grow and continue to innovate the entire buying experience for their customers.